Daily Herald Endorses Sanchez for County Board

On Wednesday, Feb 24th, the Daily Herald newspaper officially endorsed Jarett Sanchez for County Board District 24!  This came as a surprise to many as it is rare for the Herald to endorse a newcomer over an incumbent, but the message of this campaign is being heard: it's time for a fresh perspective on the board, and someone who won't buckle under pressure.

My views against Longmeadow are "a result of healthy skepticism and thoughtful contemplation rather than blind cynicism."  They made it clear that the current Board Member is more or less just a seat filler, having done nothing to distinguish himself in the past three years.  

The people of District 24 are hearing about this campaign and are liking the message of representing the people, focusing on basics like local food and education, and working to stop the Longmeadow Toll Bridge project.  

The Daily Herald agrees.

Read more: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20160224/discuss/160229495/