League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

On Thursday, Feb. 25th, I attended the Candidate Forum held by the Elgin Area League of Women Voters at the Dundee Rec Center Senior Center.  There were candidates there from many different races, from county to state.  Candidates for County Board District 24 went last, and it was well worth the wait!

In attendance were myself and the other Democratic candidate, Joe Haimann, as well as the Republican candidate, Roben Hall.  Billita Jacobsen was unable to attend.  The session started with each candidate getting a chance to address the audience for three minutes before a question and answer period.

Incumbent Joe Haimann began somewhat softly, appearing nervous and uncertain.  The thing that I heard most after the event was that he didn't seem to have much to say that was substantial-  echoing a theme picked up on by the Daily Herald when they endorsed my campaign.

I'll be honest, speaking at that event was nerve-wracking for me as well, more than I thought it would be.  I even got a little tripped up at the end but I remembered my public speaking training and just relaxed and persevered.

The question and answer session was fun.  

I was able to get some applause from the audience; notable only because it didn't happen for any other candidate in any of the sessions.  My favorite part was when they asked me about using forest preserves for other purposes and how I'd vote on that, and I replied  that, "forest preserves are meant to preserve forests- so that's how I'll vote."  People laughed for that one.  

They especially liked when I pointed out the Sunk Cost fallacy in the County's argument that we can't say no to Longmeadow, becuase we've already spent so much money on it.  I said how that's like saying you should stay in a bad relationship only because you put five years into it!  It just doesn't add up. . . .

It was great to meet all of the other candidates there, from Rob Russell and Allen Skillicorn, to Ken Shepro and Chris Lauzen.  Events like these are valuable to a democracy and should be promoted more often.  This event wasn't taped, unfortunately, but the League says they're working on that for the future.

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